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Mobile Bay Dolphin Sighting

Mobile Bay Adventures offers families and small groups, up to 6 people full or half-day fishing charters with emphasis on dolphing sightings in Mobile Bay along the Eastern Shore. Dolphin pods are routinely spotted fishing on the reefs along the Eastern Shore and the Intercoastal Waterway. Sighting dolphin the way we locals have been doing it for years is just one of many enjoyable things you experience when cruising 45 minutes to the Gulf.

Full-day charters include wetting a line at reefs along the Eastern Shore and sightings in the intercoastal waterway. You can include stopping for dinner or luch  at any of the Marina Restuarants along the way.

Arnica Bay

dolphin in Ingram Bayou

Ingram Bayou

Arnica Bay dolphin sightings will travel southeast through the Intercoastal Waterway, passing Wolf Bay, Bayou La Launch to our destination in Arnica Bay in waters off Orange Beach, Alabama. right to the heart of numerous restaurants, marinas, secluded beaches and boating activity. On this charter not only can you wet a line, you will see beautiful landscapes, wildlife, yachts and a feel for what living on the water is really like!


Pirates Cove


Big Daddy's Grill

Full-day charters also include a tour of Ingram Bayou, a protected anchoring with calm water, wildlife and dolphin. Many locals stop here and throw out rafts to swim, picnic and enjoy the scenery.

Navy Cove

Our Navy Cove Charter travels to the southern end of Mobile Bay where dolphin can routinely be sighted along Fort Morgan and Navy Cove.

Our full-day charters can combine the best of all worlds on the water from wetting a line to  dolphin sightings and swimming either in fresh water or saltwater beaches. Fish and Magnolia Rivers are popular freshwater areas where you can bring lunch on board or dock at Big Daddy's Pub. “Devils Hole” or the “ICE BOX,” selected by Alabama Living in 2018 are two of the top Natural Swimming Holes in Alabama and one of the last waterways to receive  U.S. Postal Mail Delivery by water.


Middle Bay Light-House


Sand Island Lighthouse

Middle Bay Lighthouse built in 1885 is one of the last “screw-pile” lighthouses left standing in the United States. This light house sits near the Mobile Ship Channel where visitors often see Oil Tankers, Cruise Ships, Shrimp Trawlers, even Warships traveling in or out of Mobile Port. It’s very common to also see pods of dolphin feeding around the Middle Bay Lighthouse or the ship channel.


Sand Island lighthouse is the beacon for mariners coming from the Gulf of Mexico and entering Mobile Bay. From this view of the lighthouse, you can also see Historic Fort Morgan to your east and Historic Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island to your west.  Depending on the tides, you might also experience the “tide-line” where Mobile Bay brackish water meets the Saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico forming a distinct change in the color of the water.

Dolphin Sighting on Mobile Bay


Weather permitting you can also see some breathtaking Sunsets upon returning to the launch.